How to get prepared for a conference?

How to get prepared for a conference?

After your registration process is complete, we suggest you to get prepared for the conference to get the most benefit from it.

1. Note deadlines

It is very important to note and be aware of the deadlines like paper updates, early bird discounts, room cutoff, etc. If you are planning to publish the full paper in the proceedings but it is not finished yet, you should be aware of the deadline to update your paper with our office.

2. Prepare a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation

We suggest you present with PowerPoint or Keynote to have the greatest impact on your audience. Make sure your presentation lasts only for the allowed time interval which is 20-25 minutes including Q&A.

3. Make a presentation on your own

It is highly recommended that you make a presentation on your own to see whether you should add to or reduce it in any way. Previous trial presentations at home or your university will give you a sense of whether you are making good use of your time.

4. Networking

One of the main purposes of attending a conference is, no doubt, networking. Review the conference program in detail, mark the presentations you are interested in, meet the presenter(s) after the sessions, at the coffee breaks etc. Please keep in mind that conferences are the best way for developing international collaborations on writing a paper or engaging in a research project together. GAI offers free social activities at each conference which is another way of building strong networks.

5. Passport and visa issues

Besides making sure your passport is valid for at least six months before traveling internationally, make sure it’s not too full. Some countries require you to have several blank pages before you leave home.

Check if you need a travel visa for the destination country. If so, make your visa application a couple of months before the conference to be on the safe side.

6. Hotel and transportation arrangements

A block of rooms are generally sold to GAI with a special rate that has a cutoff date. If you miss that option, here are some accommodation and travel websites:

You can find many airport transfer options on for many cities.

7. Have fun!

You are all set! Enjoy your travel, city and the conference!